Setting a Solid Foundation for Marriage

Premarital counseling is a good thing!

Setting a Solid Foundation for Marriage

It is designed to help identify your strengths and develop relational skills that will help form a solid foundation for your marriage. The Prepare-Enrich assessment is one of the most personalized in depth assessments you can take to aid in your premarital counseling. While it is a fantastic tool that creates an outline that will guide future sessions, I get a lot of different responses from people when I ask them to take the Prepare-Enrich assessment.

For some couples, its the reason they came to see me, for others it terrifies them. Some think its hokey and I’ve even had couples tell me they “don’t believe in it”. So lets clear up a few things.

  1. It is NOT a magic 8 ball!
    The Prepare-Enrich assessment is not a test. It will not tell you whether or not you should be with your partner. It will not predict if your marriage will last. What it will do is show you and me how strong your relationship skills are in a variety of different categories: communication, money, sex, children, faith, conflict resolution, and lifestyle to name a few.
  2. You cannot fail the assessment
    There are no right or wrong answers in the assessment. No need to over think, simply answer each question easily and honestly. Your partner and I will not be going through each individual answer to see what you said and critique it. The tool provides me with graphs and scales that show how the two of you answered together.
  3. There is no specific agenda
    If you both don’t want children, great! If you desire non-traditional roles, fantastic.The assessment is not designed to impart judgment on your choices as a couple, instead it will identify where you may not see eye to eye. Have you defined your roles as a couple? Are you on the same page when it comes to expectations, money etc?
  4. Consider it like a map
    You wouldn’t drive someplace new without first getting directions or heading over to google maps right? If you knew the general direction it was located and you knew the city you may be able to drive around for a while and find what you’re looking for, but a map would save you a lot of time and headache. This is what the assessment does for pre marriage counseling. It provides us with a map of where to go in our sessions, what needs more focus and what can be lightly touched on. This saves you time, money and ensures you get the best premarital counseling available.
  5. Growth as a couple
    Ultimately my desire is to see you grow as a couple, to strengthen your relationship, develop relational skills, and improve satisfaction before you begin your life together. Premarital counseling and the Prepare-Enrich assessment helps to do just that. It will not break you down or tear you apart, rather, it will create a stronger bond and relationship to build on.

Still not convinced? Call our office and schedule a 15 minute phone consultation, I’d be happy to talk with you in depth about how the Prepare-Enrich assessment can help us in your counseling.

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