Marriage Counseling

How did we get here? Is it even worth fighting for? Can this marriage be salvaged?

These are questions I hear a lot in marriage counseling. While there is never an easy answer, there is always hope. It is important to work with a counselor to help identify the root issues in your marriage. Whatever brought you to this point, it is important to get to the core issues. Many times it all hinges on communication. How many times have you heard “you’re not listening” or “you just don’t understand what I’m saying”. Often by the time couples seek counseling what caused them to derail in the beginning is no longer an issue, but the battle of working through it left new fissures.

Commonly the way we learned to love as children does not translate well in adulthood. Through clear communication, honest insight and evaluation, we can identify and help to resolve the issues which keep your marriage from being an honest, loving, fulfilling relationship.

  • learn to communicate effectively
  • identify negative patterns of thinking
  • learn to resolve conflict
  • heal from past wounds and move forward in your relationship
  • find balance and love in your relationship again
  • build tools that will help keep your marriage strong