Living Well Connection (Part II)

Living Well Connection IIIn my last blog I ended with a call to vulnerability, a call to be the most real version of you. I know many of you may be thinking “how on earth am I supposed to do that?” Living well starts by embracing your own story and finding, through all the mess, a place of worthiness.

We spend so much time trying to run from our story, to not face ourselves and the pain, confusion, shame, guilt, and fear we may be feeling. We numb and distract by using any number of different things including, but not limited to, alcohol, shopping, obsessive organizing and cleaning, diving into our kids, or work. The problem is that when we stop and pick our heads up it is all still behind us. The hardest thing to do, and the one that seems most counter intuitive, is to turn around and face it all. Yes, this takes a certain amount of courage and compassion but, to face our pain and our story instead of ignore it is the only way to work through it and reach a place of worthiness. It starts with that one step, an honest look inside, and the courage to be in that place for a while. It takes compassion and strength to not judge and shame yourself while you are there.

Be kind to yourself, find understanding, journal, cry out to God, allow yourself to feel and feel deeply. Find a friend who will allow you to be who you are without shame or trying to fix you and talk, cry, and laugh. Walk down into the depth of your soul and you’ll find yourself there. In the pain, in the loneliness, in the darkness, with God you will breathe, you will feel, you will find forgiveness and forgive, you will learn to see yourself as God see’s you and you’ll learn to give yourself the Grace that God already does.

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