4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Lower Anxiety

Lower Your Anxiety Right NowHave you ever had one of those days where something seems to be gnawing at you all day? You can’t focus, your brain keeps drifting, and you wonder if you have yet to utter an intelligent statement. Or what about those day’s when you haven’t slept well the night before and you feel like you’re playing catch up all day long.

While we may not suffer from an anxiety disorder, most of us experience anxiety from time to time. It’s horrible. It can disrupt our day and make us unproductive and irritable.

Here are 4 things you can do, right now, to lower anxiety.

  1. Take a time out
    I know it sounds counter productive, you’re frazzled, you have lots to do and barely enough time to do it in and here I am asking you to take a time out? By taking 5 minutes to turn the phone off, stretch, close your eyes, and breathe deep you can refocus and rejuvenate and reduce your anxiety.  The best part is this will allow you to problem solve and manage your time better.
  2. Stop procrastinating
    I know I know, we all do it. I most certainly am guilty of it. But if you can teach yourself to complete the most stress provoking tasks first you will save yourself hours of unneeded and unwanted anxiety.
  3. Write it down
    If your finding yourself with an unusual amount of anxiety, take a moment to do a little self reflection. A lot of us create anxiety when we are trying to remember and accomplish many different things. We can alleviate our stress by making a list and prioritizing. That way we know at least the most important tasks are getting done.
  4. Talk about it
    If it is something long term that is contributing to your anxiety, grab a friend and talk about it with them. Yes this requires you to be open and a little vulnerable, but talking is important. It helps us process events and feelings, and come up with new solutions.

Are you struggling with some stress and anxiety today? Take a moment, employ the steps above to lower your anxiety and take control over your stress.

If you need further help, please take a moment to contact a Counselor or learn more about my Individual Counseling.

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