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How to Deal with Grief and Loss

How to Deal with Grief and LossI sat across from a client recently who was trying to “convince” me that there was something wrong with her, something that she was not doing correctly.

The client had lost her sister suddenly in an accident over a year ago. She still picks up the phone to call her sister, still gets angry when she realizes her sister will not be there for a quick joke or recipe help, and still cries when … Continue Reading

Setting a Solid Foundation for Marriage

Premarital counseling is a good thing!

Setting a Solid Foundation for Marriage

It is designed to help identify your strengths and develop relational skills that will help form a solid foundation for your marriage. The Prepare-Enrich assessment is one of the most personalized in depth assessments you can take to aid in your premarital counseling. While it is a fantastic tool that creates an outline that will guide future sessions, I get a lot of different responses from people … Continue Reading