Living Well Connection (Part II)

Living Well Connection IIIn my last blog I ended with a call to vulnerability, a call to be the most real version of you. I know many of you may be thinking “how on earth am I supposed to do that?” Living well starts by embracing your own story and finding, through all the mess, a place of worthiness.

We spend so much time trying to run from our story, to not face ourselves and the pain, confusion, shame, guilt, and fear we may be … Continue Reading

Living Well Connection (Part I)

Living Well Connection

I believe that one of the most (if not THE most) integral parts of a joyful, happy, fulfilling, whole life is a connection with others. It lets us know we are not alone, allows us to feel loved and love others, and gives us a place to belong. Unfortunately many of us are going through life without fully knowing the pleasure of true connection. We hide parts of ourselves so others cannot see. We feel shame and guilt for … Continue Reading

The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self careYou’re going to laugh at me, but sometimes the best part of my month is lying on a rickety old table in the back of a nail salon with my eyes closed while someone spreads hot wax on my face and pulls my eyebrows out by the roots.

Seriously!! I’m not joking!

Its pathetic isn’t it that I look forward to this painful moment? So after a conversation about self care with a colleague today I thought about my monthly “relaxing” pain sessions … Continue Reading

How to Deal with Emotional Pain

how-to-deal-with-emotional-painWhen I talk to clients about how to deal with emotional pain, sometimes they know right away what I am talking about, the pain of the death of a loved one, rejection from someone close, separation from family. Other times people will look at me blankly and say they don’t experience emotional pain, that nothing is “going on” in their life. But emotional pain can be so much more than the obvious. It can be that lingering shame that we are not good enough, the guilt of past … Continue Reading

Acceptance within the 5 Stages of Grief

We’ve all heard of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance.

5-stages-of-grievingAcceptance: this is the one many people struggle with.

I frequently hear things like “What am I accepting exactly?” and “I don’t want to accept that they’re gone.” So what is acceptance? And is acceptance really the “place” to get to in order to heal from your grief.

Most people think of approval when they hear the word acceptance. They think they need to become … Continue Reading

Enjoying the Process of Counseling

Learn a little more about myself and how I help my clients at Charis Counseling Center.

  • How long have I been counseling?
  • Why did I choose to be a counselor?
  • What happens when I first meet with a client?
  • What’s the process of counseling?

How to Deal with Grief and Loss

How to Deal with Grief and LossI sat across from a client recently who was trying to “convince” me that there was something wrong with her, something that she was not doing correctly.

The client had lost her sister suddenly in an accident over a year ago. She still picks up the phone to call her sister, still gets angry when she realizes her sister will not be there for a quick joke or recipe help, and still cries when … Continue Reading

Setting a Solid Foundation for Marriage

Premarital counseling is a good thing!

Setting a Solid Foundation for Marriage

It is designed to help identify your strengths and develop relational skills that will help form a solid foundation for your marriage. The Prepare-Enrich assessment is one of the most personalized in depth assessments you can take to aid in your premarital counseling. While it is a fantastic tool that creates an outline that will guide future sessions, I get a lot of different responses from people … Continue Reading

Trusting Your Feelings

Trusting Your FeelingsI’m about to tell you something people never expect to hear from a counselor…

Your feelings are not to be trusted!

Many times feelings are impostors, and trusting your feelings and acting upon them could end up sabotaging relationships, marriages, and even life. I hear it all the time in my office, “I’m not happy”, “I don’t love him anymore”, “I am so angry at…”, “I feel like…(insert mildly destructive behavior here)”.

Often when we get a feeling, we run with it, and allow … Continue Reading

Beating Procrastination – Save Yourself the Anxiety

Beating ProcrastinationDo it today, and save yourself anxiety tomorrow!

In a previous blog I mentioned that you can help lower your general anxiety by not procrastinating (4 Things You Can Do Right Now to Lower Anxiety). After thinking about it I decided to give the issue a little more attention.

See I have this friend, and as we were getting to know each other I realized that if there was something stressful or difficult she had to do, she would do it immediately. I was with … Continue Reading